Back to Reality: The Weight is Over.

It's been just over a week since we parked our car in Asheville with plans to post up here for the foreseeable future. We've found a house to rent, we are enjoying our current homebody status, and Casey is relieved to return to a consistent work routine. Also, even during what is arguably the ugliest time of year, Asheville is still beautiful, and we are loving getting to know our new city. That said, figuring out and settling into a new routine is not without its challenges.

One part of the road trip I struggled with was diet and exercise. When we began putting the trip together, we had grand plans of preparing and packing our own healthy meals and going on countless hikes. Sure, we purchased a medium Yeti cooler for the trunk, and for the first couple of weeks, we were great at keeping the cooler well stocked with healthy groceries. We initially also spent a lot of time outside, going for walks and hikes. It probably wasn't a coincidence that the length of time we were successful in maintaining our goal was directly proportionate to the amount of time we spent in remote locations.

As time went on, the space in our cooler became filled with beer, and once we started visiting more populated areas, it was difficult if not impossible to ignore the siren songs of regional cuisine and local beer calling our names. Colder temperatures and an absence of hikeable mountains in the midwest worked wonders to slow our exercise routine. At some point I acknowledged that I'd become a little more doughy during our travels, and for a brief time, I attempted to make better food and exercise decisions, opting for more fruits and veggies, and taking advantage of the treadmill at the hotel gym when one was available. Then the holidays happened and that all went completely to shit.

I felt bad about this and started to get down on myself about it, but ultimately decided that I would have felt way more guilty if I hadn't eaten the infamous green chili cheeseburger at Buckhorn Tavern when I'd had the chance. I decided to give myself a break, and promised to be better once we settled in.

So, here I am in a new city, wearing leggings as pants as often as possible, because skinny jeans don't feel so skinny and I refuse to buy new pants. I am hoping that by the time the movers arrive with our belongings, that I will be able to fit comfortably into my wardrobe.

As such, I've decided that for now, a lot of content on the blog is going to be about the steps I'm taking to get back in the swing of living a healthier lifestyle. I'm not a fitness blogger, nor would I ever try to tell anyone how to live their life (though, if you're inspired by something that happens to come out of this, that would be pretty cool!). I'm just a regular person looking to get back into a healthy routine, while navigating life in a fun new city (i.e. I refuse to give up beer or the occasional brunch, because that's no way to live).

I'm not sure yet what form this narrative will actually take, because I'm just going to wing it. For me, writing about my experiences is more for accountability, because I tend to be most successful at sticking to something if I say it out loud (or in this case, on the internet). I know the subjects of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle are well traversed, and not terribly riveting, but if you were patient enough to travel the country with me, I do hope you'll consider joining me on this new journey :)