Oh, hello.


I am Rainis.

I've never had a blog before (except for a brief experiment on LiveJournal that ended as soon my mom figured out how to access it and learned that the video store I told her I was working at was actually an adult video store). I've just never thought of myself as being particularly interesting, or wise, or very talented. Then, I realized I was kind of being a dick to myself.

I'm a reasonably intelligent woman with close to two decades of professional experience, I've survived some pretty wacky life shenanigans, and I'm no slouch in the kitchen (I also know a thing or two about beer). So, why the hell not start a blog?

I'm looking to have Make it Rainis embody all things me, which, when typed out, seems super self involved. Let me try again. I'm hoping Make it Rainis has a vibe and voice that feels similar to sitting down with a good friend to crush some beers and talk about life stuff.

So whether I'm making snacks, strides, or just making it happen, I'm inviting you to watch me make it Rainis.

God, I hope this doesn't suck.