Operation Fatass to Badass: Week 2

Towards the end of last week, my BGF Kara announced to our Clean Eating Challenge group that she is hosting a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group starting January 18. This isn't normally something I'd do, but I liked the accountability that came from participating in a challenge group, and I want to show BGF a little love and enthusiasm toward her exciting new endeavor, so I purchased the 21 Day Fix Essentials Kit, and I start Monday.

21 Day Fix, from what I understand so far, focuses on making sure participants are eating the correct amounts and types of foods, based on a proprietary algorithm. After perusing the program materials, I noticed many of my normal go-to plant based protein sources mostly fall under other categories on the plan, so this week I decided to focus on getting protein from sources more inline with 21 Day Fix's eating plan.


eggs with quinoa

I made myself a breakfast bowl with quinoa and two scrambled eggs every morning. Replacing last week's english muffin with quinoa added fiber and protein, and it was a relatively painless switch to make. I saved time by making a big batch of quinoa the first day, and microwaved one serving while I cooked the eggs.

I also had half a banana and grapes either alongside breakfast or as a mid-morning snack.



I stuck with almost the same salad as I had last week, and tossed in some additional protein. I had initially planned on picking up a box of frozen veggie burgers to throw on top of my salads, which I wasn't terribly excited about. However, while strolling through the meatless selection in the produce section at Greenlife, I spotted a line of products from a company called No Evil Foods, based right here in Asheville! I checked out the ingredients, of which there weren't too many, all of which I could pronounce, and I was sold.

The Prepper
Casey even liked this so much, we had to go back to the store and get another package to last the rest of the week


Brown Rice Vegetable Soup – This is exactly what it sounds like, and it's very tasty. Full disclosure: I added some oyster crackers to my soup after I took this picture. I also learned very quickly that I need to portion out the crackers then put them away, otherwise I will eat a shitload of oyster crackers. I'm a little bit in love with Vegetarian No Chicken Broth from Imagine Foods, which is what I used in this soup.

Brown Rice Vegetable Soup
If I made this again, I think I'd opt for peas instead of kidney beans, only because I think the peas would look prettier.

Meatballs from Thug Kitchen's website, served with quinoa "supergrain" pasta – I made the meatballs without walnuts, because Casey is allergic. We both really liked them, but agreed that the next time we make these, we'll make some kind of sauce to go with it. The quinoa pasta tasted good, but the texture was toothsome, and I had some issues with the strands sticking together (if anyone knows how to make them not do that, help a sister out!).

Veggie Balls

We had leftover Frito Pies and Broccoli Curry Udon the other nights.

Casey and I continued our trend of daily walks, and learned that the grocery store and downtown are both within reasonable walking distance from the house. I also went for my first run in Asheville, which was an interesting experience. I don't know how it is physically possible, but I'd estimate that approximately 90% of my run was uphill. I had to walk a few times, and I didn't go very far, both of which were a little discouraging. On the plus side, by setting the bar incredibly low, I have nowhere to go but up!

First run in AVL

I can't remember if I was trying to breathe or trying not to barf, but this picture does a wonderful job of capturing the exact moment I decided it was time for my run to be over.