Taco Tuesday!


If I keep up with this blog, and if you keep up with me, then something you will learn very quickly is that I love tacos... like, a lot.

Growing up in the northeast, my idea of tacos had always been a hard shell filled with meat or tofu seasoned with stuff from a packet, topped with tomato, lettuce, and shredded cheese. Sure, it's pretty basic, but also delicious. When I moved to Austin, everything I knew about tacos went right out the window- did you know we have breakfast tacos down here? Well, if you didn't know, now you know.

For those unfamiliar with the breakfast taco, it consists of a flour or corn tortilla folded in half and filled with deliciousness. Breakfast tacos are abundant in Austin, and there are a variety of styles. If you're interested in learning more, there's an awesome book on the subject.

But I digress. During my time in Austin, I've really upped my taco game. This taco is based on the infamous Don Juan breakfast taco froom Juan in a Million here in Austin.

Potato, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Taco

Makes four 6" tacos


4 warm flour tortillas
1-2 T canola oil
2 medium potatoes, peeled, diced, boiled, and lightly smashed
1/3 t smoked paprika
1/4 t salt
1/8 t pepper
3 slices of bacon, cooked, and crumbled
2 eggs lightly beaten, with a pinch of salt and pepper thrown in
1/4 C shredded cheese


  • Heat oil in medium skillet
  • Add potatoes, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper to skillet, mix to coat, and cook until potatoes are slightly brown (about 5 minutes)
  • Add bacon, mix until thoroughly incorporated
  • Pour beaten egg over mixture in skillet, and cook until eggs reach desired doneness, stirring frequently.
  • Add shredded cheese and mix until thoroughly incorporated and slightly melted
  • Divide mixture among warm tortillas. Top with your favorite salsa or hot sauce