Week 4: A Lesson in Rolling with the Punches

We left California Monday morning, with plans to arrive in Denver Thursday and stay through the weekend. It's Friday, and we're in Laramie Wyoming, and if we're lucky, we'll be in Denver tomorrow afternoon.

The first leg of our drive from Vacaville, CA to Winnemucca, NV was super scenic. The mountains and pine trees all lightly dusted with snow looked like something straight out of a Christmas card. It was also very rocky. Unfortunately, one of those rocks found its way onto our windshield, eventually creating a 12 inch horizontal crack across the passenger side of the windshield. Aside from the freak winter storm in Flagstaff (which wasn't really a big deal), this was the first setback on our road trip.

We made arrangements with an auto glass repair company in Salt Lake City, which is where we were scheduled to stay Tuesday night. The repairman would be there to replace the windshield first thing Wednesday morning, which wouldn't put too much of a damper on our plans.

I feel like this is starting to get boring. Let me pause and tell you about the brief, but awesome time we had in Salt Lake City

A couple of years ago, I stepped foot into the Hong Kong in Harvard Square for the first (and possibly only) time in the thirteen years I lived in Boston. It was there I met my friend, Amber, who was in town with some of her friends from Salt Lake City to celebrate her birthday. She's awesome, and I was really excited that our travels were going to take us to her neck of the woods. I was even more excited when she offered us a place to stay.

We rolled up to her house late Tuesday afternoon, and after figuring out all the windshield repair logistics, we went out for some Salt Lake City adventures. First, we visited the Gilgal Sculpture Garden, a tucked away park that's open to the public and full of some very unique art. We then made our way over to Temple Square, received a brief history of Mormonism (which is actually incredibly interesting, and Casey and I both want to learn more about it), and visited Space Jesus (or Christus, if you want to be technical about it) at the North Visitors' Center. We had dinner and beers at a local pub, then retired back to Amber's house to watch "Ash vs. Evil Dead" and go to sleep. Seriously, despite its briefness, our time here was well spent.

Space Jesus

We also got to spend time with two awesome dogs.


and Dinero:

Okay, back to the windshield situation

As promised, the windshield guy showed up at around 9am Wednesday morning, and was done replacing our windshield before 10. It also cost us approximately half what we were expecting to pay, which was incredibly cool. We were advised that the adhesive should set for at least four hours, and that we shouldn't do any fast or significant driving for at least twenty-four hours. Not exactly what you want to hear when you are scheduled to drive several hundred miles that day. We decided to wait the recommended four hours, then drive an hour East, so we could at least make some progress. We were a little bummed, but in the grand scheme of things, it was only one day.

Today, we were supposed to make the relatively short trek from Rawlins, WY to Denver, until a winter storm resulted in slow traffic, limited visibility, and the highway being closed. Realizing we weren't going to get anywhere safely or quickly, we posted up in Laramie. I guess this would be considered the second setback of our road trip, and we were feeling defeated and a little nervous about the reality of what traveling through the midwest and northeast in December is going to be like.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget to look on the bright side. The situation with our windshield could have been way worse- it could have cost more, it could have taken longer to repair, or perhaps the rock that hit the windshield could have done way more damage to the car (or us). Despite getting stuck in a snow storm, we still managed to make it about 90 miles in the right direction, and we made it to a warm, safe place in one piece. I'm also fairly certain we didn't entirely mind having an excuse to hibernate for most of the day and evening. It was an opportunity to relax, get some work done, and enjoy each other's company.

After pizza and Pliny for dinner, and looking at the 10 day forecast for the areas we'll be traveling through, we feel better, and are looking forward to finally (hopefully!) making our way to Denver tomorrow.